Is a Utopian Society Possible?

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Natural Law is SUPERIOR to man’s law.




We are reconstituting the Garden of Eden/ Paradise here on Earth.

You are free to do whatever pleases you provided you do not harm another person.

Each of us has an equal voice in decisions that affect us all.


Unity is the Key / Cooperation is Better than Competition / Peace is More Profitable than War


The Edenite oath of awareness and commitment to build a UTOPIAN SOCIETY (in my lifetime)


Special note: (As a descendant of African Slaves my priority is People of Color, but we are not the only victims of oppressive and fraudulent systems. We are open to anyone who is like minded and wants to engage us in accordance with the following oath.


  1. WE are the Sons and Daughters of Africa
  2. WE are the descendants of the original people on earth. Most human races are our brothers and sisters. Melanin richness is our heritage. (this applies to our foundational group.)
  3. WE members of the human family share with each other and protect each other from hurt, harm, danger, and all known predators.
  4. WE have a mission in life. It is to help each other to improve our collective lives.
  5. WE must uplift fallen humanity and save the planet from destructive forces.
  6. WE put people before power, profit, and property.
  7. WE know that symbiotic relationships and mutual cooperation are superior to predatory capitalism and unfair, unsportsmanlike competition.
  8. WE know that conflict resolution benefits the individual and the community.
  9. WE know that mindset trumps skin color and all other physical attributes, traits, and flaws.
  10. WE know that this planet’s resources are more than adequate for all to live in abundance and harmony.
  11. WE know that Monopoly Financed Capitalism / and White Supremacy gave us Slavery. The vestiges of it are still with us today in the forms of Wealth Disparity, a struggling middle class, and rampant poverty.
  12. WE know that mutual human respect is requisite for the evolved existence of man.

“Project Symbiosis” a community working together for the common good and mutual benefit. It is superior to all other political-socio-economic-systems.


We believe in Peace, but will defend ourselves and our way of life


Definitions are important.  And we are ruled by whoever defines us. None of us chose our nation of origin, we were born into it. And, we were indoctrinated into the culture of the nation in which we were born and deceived into thinking we are participants, but in truth, we are owned by the nation and ruled by its laws no matter what our personal or individual perspective on life may be.

To change this situation, we must use natural law to define ourselves and take control of our own lives. This is the process by which we can make each other truly free. We can grant each other that freedom as an independent nation living within the nations of the world by recognizing each other and defining our culture and establishing an economy. The technology has never existed before to make this possible, but it does exist today.


This is the beginning of a planetary spiritual paradigm shift and the bloodless revolution on earth.


This is a membership society. You must choose to be an Edenite. An Edenite is a hybrid. We are a combination of people who have ideas and views that are at times separate and diverse, but we agree that all people have freedom of choice. This is the freedom to act and conduct yourselves as you see fit provided your actions do not harm or negatively impact others directly, indirectly or by degrees.


A fraud has been perpetrated upon us and our parents were complicit in the crime. Albeit they were duped, they sold us and we were not theirs to sell. And even though they were no aware that they were committing a crime, the corporation that procured us was patently aware of the conspiracy. And we are calling them out by declaring our independence.


 Our Mission

1.)   Stand Up Our Nation

2.)  Declare Our Economic Independence

3).  Educate Ourselves  & Our Children

4).  Take Control of Our Communities & the Businesses that serve them

5.) Eliminate Ignorance, Disparity, Poverty, Crime, Slavery & War.



Local, National and International Nation Building, Cultural Exchange, developing our Global Consciousness and uniting our people in the Diaspora via Economic Empowerment with the other like-minded people of the world is an essential priority

Ubuntu           I am because we are. In other words, I am who I am as an individual because of who we are together. If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good for anyone. How can one be happy if all others are sad?

Project Symbiosis: I am here to help you and help myself in the process. But first, you must help yourself by helping me. And this is my pledge:  I will help you as much as you help yourself and together we will help each other.

Do we all agree that a utopian society is better than our present society? A utopian society is possible, but whether you believe that or not, you must agree that the theoretical utopian society is better than our present state of existence? A utopian society is better than our present one. If you agree, stay with us.

If you do not believe that we can change things by working together, please don’t waste your time, my time, or the others on this line. This is your cue to disconnect.

I have chosen the name Edenite because of the Garden of Eden. Edenites are Paradise People. We believe in a better way to live. There are three states of human interaction. Equitable, Disparate & Dysfunctional. Do you know the difference?

Answer this question Is it more important for you to control the lives of others, or be free to control your own life?

Compare Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, Fascism, Feudalism, Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy and Republic with Symbiosis and you will have a revelation about true freedom and Universal laws. Laws are written for two reasons.

1:        To control the unjust man

2:        To rule over the just / But the just man needs no law. The just man understands the natural law. Each man or woman is in control of their own lives and there is only one immutable law. You cannot injure another person by your actions or inaction.

3:        Many white people broke this law when they did not oppose Slavery/Greed. Today, we have all become victims of that sin. Only together can we eliminate it and the inequities that have arisen as a result of that great sin against humanity.


Before we go on, let me be perfectly clear. Project Symbiosis, My Edenites and Paradise People is not a religion. There is, however, a spiritual science involved. A higher understanding of how the universe works is applicable here.

A Garden that is perfect in every way possible. Imagine living in the world far advanced from the way it is today. A world where you have access to all the wealth you require to be autonomous if you so desired. The danger would be that you could not protect what you had from others. What if others had no desire to possess what belonged to you? What if everything belonged to everyone? You could not take possession of what another person was in possession of, but you could not possess more than you could use except when it was not needed by another.



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