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Stepping into Tomorrow – Unity is the Key


___ Dav-E Yonah El ___


In 2008, the House of Representatives successfully voted to apologize for slavery and the Jim Crow laws that followed, and a year later the Senate passed its own apology bill as well. However, the two chambers of Congress could not agree on wording that would prevent the government from being liable for future reparations lawsuits, thus preventing the bill from ever reaching the president’s desk.


President Obama has over $7 T in QE authority remaining which he can use before he leaves office. He does not need the approval of Congress to use it. The President has this Executive Authority and he can exercise it. We must create the demand for him to use that authority before he leaves office.  How?  Unity is the Key. (read on)


Pursuant to the first Global African Diaspora Summit in May 2012, Africa called for her children to organize and join operations as the African Diaspora to answer through 5 legacy projects and other actions and FAU was born.

In December of 2013, I met Prince Lumumba, the founder of the Sons and Daughters of Africa World Tour. Born in Africa, he was living in Mexico at the time and he was the leader of the FAU Mexico chapter.


In February of 2014, Prince Lumumba appointed me Executive Producer of the tour and he introduced me to (FAU) Friends of the African Union under Chairman Hershel Daniels Junior. For strategic reasons, we postponed the launch of the tour. It took two years to reorganize, but the tour is scheduled to launch this fall. During the interim, I learned all about FAU and was appointed the Global Chief of Staff.


Through FAU, I made my first contact with the African Union in Baltimore at the Global African Diaspora Stakeholder’s Summit in November 2015.  The ramifications of that meeting are still manifesting themselves.


Those of us in the sixth region who met each other and members of the African Union there in Baltimore from Thursday – Sunday, November 19-22, 2015,  must step out of our comfort zone and take an as yet undefined leadership role in determining who will control the future of our people. And our people are all over the world. The African Union called its Diaspora to come join it as the sixth region and thereby help the 1.5 billion people of the African Union. However, as I read it, we can only do this after we effectively organize ourselves as a people separate and distinct from all other nations.


It is to this end that I dedicate my life. Project Symbiosis is my professional contribution to the Global Black Family. The Sons and Daughters of Africa, Global Family Investments,  All Jaam, Inc. and the Neem Teem will launch the Unity tour with the intent and purpose of building unity within our community wherever our people reside. The hope is that they will accept their place in the accurate story of Civilization as we Stand Up A Nation, declare our economic independence, take control of our communities and the businesses that serve them, and actuating self-determination for melanin rich Edenites and people of African descent all over the planet. We will deliver the word of truth as we answer our calling without repentance.


The Global Black Family mission is to Stand Up Our Nation, declare economic independence, take control of our communities and the businesses that serve them while actuating true self-determination addresses the triple mindset of our people.


1. For those who wish to leave America forever and repatriate to mother Africa, we have a plan.

2. For those who wish to stay here and embrace their lives as African-Americans, we have a plan.

3. For those who wish to have dual or triple citizenship, because they desire to maintain both aspects of their heritage while declaring independence, actuating self-determination, taking control of our communities and building a new nation, we have a plan.


Project Symbiosis is a process of mutual exchange wherein both, or all parties to the action are honest and respectful of each other. The goal must be mutual benefit and never exploitative. Symbiotic relationships are akin to real family and embrace self-imposed limits to never profit on the misery and or suffering of others.

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