Our Mission


1.) Stand Up Our Nation

2.) Declare Our Freedom and Economic Independence

3). Educate Ourselves, Educate Our Children & Families

4). Take Control of Our Communities & The Businesses That Serve Them

5.) Eliminate Ignorance, Disparity, Poverty, Crime, Slavery, & War


This world has lied to you since before you were born. It still lies to you every single

day. And as you live your life and make your way through this world, you will most like

be disillusioned. Your life will be miserable. You may be happy from time to time, but it

will never last. You need to take control of your own life, you need to reach your full

potential for yourself, your loved ones, and this earth upon which you live. The time is now.


We are a peaceful people, but we will defend ourselves when necessary. Our ancestral

homeland is under the protection of the United States of America because they owe us

back rent. Our Nation relies on the United States of America to protect us as well.

However, if it does not begin to do a more adequate job immediately, we will take that

duty to ourselves. We want world peace. To achieve it, we will begin with autonomy

and full employment for our people, decent, proper housing for our people, truthful,

honest education for our children and our people, our own currency, equitable

international trade and the end of all wars. We want world peace. We are the Peaceful

Nation. We are Edenites, the Paradise People. We build utopian communities.


The Peaceful Nation ~ Cooperation is Better than Competition.